We have many clients from the everyday housewife to the Professional Athlete. Among our sports massage clients are current boxing and kickboxing Champions, kayakers, baseball players, football players, tennis players, golfers and rodeo cowboys. We have worked on athletes in nearly every sport and we are also the Official Massage Team of the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation. Here are just a few of our clients listed A - Z...

Allison Conwell

Allyson Conwell

She says: "Buckle x2 All because of you! Thank you!" - Allysunny

Amy Newton

Amy Newton

"Thanks for keeping me in motion."

Andrea StutzAndrea Stutz

Andrea Stutz

Ironman finisher

Barb AsheBarb Finishing

Barb Ashe

2014 Super Senior Award! Link to description here

"Ve Loyce, you are the best!"

"Ve Loyce thanks for keeping this old lady running you are AWESOME!"

"I've been going to Veloyce for several years now since Dawn Bean highly recommended him when I had some knee issues. I was 'waiting' it out (which wasn't producing any results) and she finally convinced me to go. She neglected to tell me how much it would hurt but I soon became a believer in his magic. As I graduated to the longer distances I found it necessary to go routinely, (instead of only when something was wrong), in order to continue running and training without longs breaks due to injury. I ran my first 100 mile race at age 59 in 2008 (Headlands 100 - 27:47:48) In 2009, I ran Western States 100 and finished in 28:30:57. In 2010, at age 61, I ran the Vermont 100 in 23:12:45. I was 9th woman and set a new age group course record. I could not have accomplished any of this without the weekly 30 minute 'torture' sessions with Veloyce. We are so fortunate to have him in our area and I know I REALLY depend on him. Thank You Veloyce!!!!!"

BEcky Woodall

Becky Woodall


Betty Smith

Betty Smith


Bill Finkbeiner

Completed 30th Leadville 100 miler!

Over 15 Western States

25 American River 50s


B'Jorg Austrheim - Smith

3 time womens winner of Western States 1981, 1982, 1983.

Brad Cole

Champion bicycle racer.

Brian Tucker

Flordia iron man finisher.

Brad Poore

An Olympic runner for Great Britain, Brad also promotes world-class runners from Kenya.

Cathy Hopkins

"Canadian" Cathy Hopkins

"Dear Ve Loyce, thanks for helping me get here!"

Carrie hyatt

Carrie Hyatt

Western States 100 finisher.

Charles Trotter

Charles Trotter

"Thanks Ve Loyce for helping me keep on keeping on!"

Carrie hyatt

Chloe Romero

68 W combat medic United States Army reserves

Excellent ultra runner

Great person, thank you for your service!

Captains Keefer and Heisey

These men are West Point graduates, Black Hawk pilots and have served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you for your service!

They are also Western States finishers!

Claudia Foley

Claudia Foley

Ve Loyce and Tom, thanks for helping me "Rock the Trails."

Conrad Woodall

  • Martial Arts School Owner
  • 4th Degree Black Belt In System 5 Combat Karate
  • 1st degree Black Belt (Shodan) in Shaolin Kempo
  • Blue Belt , Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Founder, Won Yuen Fa
  • Retired Police Officer
  • Click Here to view his website!

    Dan Foley

    Dan Foley

    Shown here finishing the Dublin Marathon. "Thank you for getting me to Ireland."

    Dan Statmeyer

    Dan Stratmeyer

    First 50 miler!

    Dave Marinoble

    Martial Arts School Owner

    Professional Kickboxer with an overall (Pro & Am) record of 24-5/10

  • IKF Professional Middleweight World Kickboxing Champion
  • IKF Professional North American Middleweight Kickboxing Champion
  • IKF Professional United States Light Middleweight Kickboxing Champion
  • ISKA Professional United States San Shou Champion
  • Amateur Kickboxer

  • IKF Amateur United States Light Middleweight Kickboxing Champion
  • IKF Amateur United States Middleweight Kickboxing Champion
  • IKF Amateur United States Super Middleweight Kickboxing Champion
  • USAK Amateur Middleweight Champion WCJJO World JuJitsu Champion (Has fought in over 60 sport JuJitsu bouts)
  • IMAC World Middleweight Continuous Point Fighting Champion

    Mixed Martial Arts 2-1

    Click Here to view his website!

    dave striplin Mt Rainier

    Dave Striplin

    Dave has climbed both Mt. Shasta and Mt. Rainier.

    He is currently training to climb Mt. Killamonjaro.

    Dave and Micheal Striplin

    Dawn Bean

    Dawn Infurna-Bean

    At 44 years old, Dawn Infurna-Bean has successfully finished three Western States 100 mile long Endurance runs with her final time of 23:09, and three years prior to her 2007 personal best was when we first met Dawn. Ultra running was once her passion, but for the past four years her interests have turned to mountain bike racing where she participates in both long and short distance events.

    "I can't recommend "the monsters" enough; they have kept me injury free during many months of endurance running and mountain biking training. I tell everyone I know who needs massage therapy to see Veloyce and Marsha before seeing anyone else. They won't need to see anyone else afterwards. Veloyce and Marsha will work their magic; it's not candles and soft music by any means. It's real work meant to get those in need back to what they do best or to continue to be their best at what they do. Seriously, they know what they are doing. They give the type of massage I have been waiting for my entire life: no pansy-stress reliever, but a real massage for real athletes. I attribute many of my winning finishes to The Monsters because they really do get the 'demons' before they get me."

    Deb Paquin

    Deb Paquin

    Western States 100 finisher and author.

    Debby SullivanDebby at Exterra

    Debby Sullivan

    Winner of the Xterra World Championship

    Don Moura

    Don is a dedicated angler who has fished most of Northern Californa,
    and has landed numerous trophy fish.

    Elizabeth Bailey Elizabeth Bailey

    Elizabeth Bailey

    Finisher of Himalaya 100


    Elke Truscott

    Shown on summit of Mt. Whitney.

    8 day 200 mile adventure

    Finisher of multiple Ultras inclusind The Western States

    Ella Shackleton

    Ella Shackleton

    Shown earning her brown sash in Kung Fu

    Eric Regan

    Professional Boxer

  • IBA - Continental Middleweight Pro Boxing Champion
  • Professional Kickboxer, retired with an overall (Pro & Am) record of 24-0 with 22 KO/TKOs

  • ISKA Professional World Kickboxing Champion
  • IKF Pro North American Kickboxing Champion
  • Amateur Kickboxer

  • IKF Amateur California Amateur Super Welterweight Champion
  • IKF Amateur United States Amateur Super Welterweight Champion
  • Click Here for his statistics!

    Faith Goss

    Faith Goss

    "It Has Nothing to DO With Age"

    Frank Lieberman

    Sixty six-year-old Frank Leiberman is the author of the book "It Has Nothing To Do With Age." Frank was referred to the Monster in 2002 by one of his Ride & Tie & Running partners, Jerome Beauchamp. "I found Veloyce extremely helpful in working through my various bodily injuries. Veloyce has been a key component these last 3-4 years, allowing me to continue to compete."

    Frank began his endurance experiences in 1997. Since he began, he has competed in endurance rides and ultra run events. He completed the 100 mile Tevis Ride in 2000 (Finishing 41st out of the 126 who did finish the race of the 259 Riders that Started); the100 mile, Western States Run in 2002 (division winner in age 60-69, finishing 212 of the 372 that entered), and has completed 9 consecutive Ride & Tie Championships. In Ride & Tie, Frank came in 1st in Individual Points and 2nd in Man-Man team points for the year 2004. Frank and his partner came in 1st in Man-Man team points for the year 2005 in Ride & Tie. Frank is putting on a Ride & Tie event in Cool on September 9th, 2006.

    What is Ride & Tie? Click Here.

    Gail Pugh

    Gail Pugh

    Shown here finishing the Way Too Cool 50K

    gary Barron

    Gary Barron

    Owns Rocklin Cross Fit - training technique.

    Georganna Quarles

    Georganna Quarles


    Tahoe Rim Trail

    Western States Finisher

    50 and 100 milers all over the world

    Greg Holmes

    Greg "Gdawg" Holmes

    "You're all awesome!"

    Heather Monohan

    Heather Monohan

    "Thank you for helping me get through my first 50 miler!"

    Greg Kirkpatrick

    Owner of Ringside Gym - Boxing & Kickboxing Pro Boxer

    IKF United States Amateur Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion

    Click Here to view his website!


    James Irvin

    Owner of Ultimate Training Center - Roseville, California

    Pro MMA Fighter

    Blessed with athleticism and dynamic striking, James "Sandman" Irvin originally got his nickname for the crushing tackles he delivered while playing football, first at Del Oro High School, and later at Asuza Pacific University. Like many high-level athletes, James found MMA a natural fit for his competitive drive, and has fought several times in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Prior to that, he held the heavyweight belts in Gladiator Challenge and World Extreme Cagefighting, and won his weight class in the Tito Ortiz Grappling Invitational. As a modern-day mixed martial artist, James understand the benefits of tapping into the core disciplines at the source, and has spent extensive time in Thailand studying Muay Thai, where the style originated and continues today. James is always happy to talk about MMA training with current and future students. If you have a question for James,
    e-mail him at


    Jane Kibii

    Jane Kibii

    Jane is a professional Kenyan Runner who trains in the United States.
    She competes throughout the country.

    Javier Arroyo

    Javier Arroyo

    Death Race number 5 PR by 1:26

    Jean Pommier

    A passionate runner, international IT executive focusing on Professional Services, French and living in California since 1998, married and father of three boys. THANK YOU again.

    It was painful but so worth it! I even went for a run down to the river (and up), to recon the last hill of American River 50-mile, yesterday afternoon after the finish. Looking forward to seeing you again, Jean

    From last year, I remembered the benefit of getting a massage right at the finish from the amazing Monsters of Massage (Newcastle, CA). At Boston we get students and the massages tend to be quite light. Here you get the pros, the "Monsters", and they press your muscles down to the bones! I barely feel any soreness as I'm writing these lines on Sunday, kudos VeLoyce! Runners kept coming in the tent to get a ball of soup or a Pepsi. Or a massage.

    Here is a link to Jean Pommier's Blog! http://fartherfaster.blogspot.com

    Jeffery Johnston

    Jeanne Kyser-Cary

    Pictured here on Mt. Whitney

    Western States 100 finisher

    Big Horn 100 finisher

    Leadville 100 finisher

    Miwok finisher

    Numerous 50 mile and 50Ks

    Jeffery Johnston

    Jeffery Johnston

    "Ve Loyce and Marsha, thanks for everything!"

    2 time finisher of the Western States

    Ran for the Monsters with 90 minute PR in 2013

    Jennie Sonnier

    Jennie Sonnier

    Tom, thanks fo working out all the kinks. I'm going to rock the PFA

    Jennifer Burger

    Jennifer Burger

    Overall Open Figure & Masters NGA Natural Mr/Ms California Extravaganza, 2011

    1st Place Figure Masters INBA Team USA, 2011

    1st Place Figure Masters & Masters Overall INBA Natural Olympia, 2011

    1st Place Figure Masters, 1st Place Figure Open Short, Silver & Black Muscle Classic INBA, 201


    Joe Steinmetz

    An avid climber, Joe is shown here standing atop Ama Dablam,
    a mountain in the Himalaya range of Nepal.

    Karyn G Hoffman

    At 42 years old, Karyn G Hoffman of Folsom, CA finished the 2005 100 mile long Western States Endurance run in 26:26:52, finished in the top 100 overall and finished 28th among the Women. The 2005 Western States Endurance Run is part of the Auburn Endurance Events.

    This is a testimonial to the outstanding massage work that Veloyce and Marsha Shackleton do at their business Monsters of Massage. I am a current client and have been since February 2005 when I learned about Monsters and the type of deep tissue massage work they can do for athletes. As a long distance runner (ultra marathoner) I had a very regimented training plan for my first Western States 100. I had several races planned from February to June (2005). The goal was to take my body somewhere it had never been before. I needed to stay injury free and not only be at the starting line for the Western States 100, but to finish it successfully. When I came to Monsters I had some chronic pain occurring in my neck and hip flexors. After the first visit I had some significant relief from the neck pain. I continued to come several times a month as my mileage continued to increase. In fact 2-3 days before every race I ran I came in for a pre race massage and a post race massage following the events. Well, the results speak for themselves as I continued to come to the "Monsters" I had significant improvement in my time performance in every race I did and actually placing in the top of my age group in many race. Both Veloyce and Marsha demonstrated their vast knowledge of the body and were very tuned in to my body's needs. I have had massages for years and have never found anyone as good as them!

    On October 3, 2005 Karyn finished 7th among women in the Half Marathon of the Oakland Runners Dominate Inaugural Sacramento Cowtown Marathon.

    Kathy Martin

    Kathy Martin

    "At the age of 56 I decided to make a 'comeback' to ultrarunning after a 22 year absence. I last ran the Western States 100 in 1985 and had no intention of ever running it again. Until June of 2006, when I volunteered at the river crossing. The next weekend I was back on the trails, with the lofty goal of qualifying for, running and finishing the Western States 100 again. I managed a qualifying run (50 miles) in November of 2006 and was drawn in the lottery for the 2007 Western States. The training was harder than I remembered and fortunately, after the Way Too Cool 50K Race in March of 2007, I 'discovered' Ve Loyce and his magic."

    "Ve Loyce has the ability to find little problems before they become major issues. My weekly visits to "The Monster" are an integral part of my training and I truly believe that without them I would never have been able to remain injury free during my training, and most likely would not have been able to finish Western States. My 2007 finish time (29:38) was not as fast as two decades earlier, but there was not a happier person on the Placer High School track that day. I'm training hard again (at age 57!) for Western States 2008 (35th Annual Run: June 28 - 29, 2008 ) and I can't imagine doing it without The Monster. The Monster has made it seem that my ultrarunning career can go on as long as I want it to! Thank you Veloyce!"

    Kenny Burt

    Kenny Burt

    Professional mountain bike racer (for WTB) as well as a sales representative.

    1st place category 4 - race Sea Otter

    2nd place finish at Nevada City Classic Bike Race

    4th place in Downyville Down Hill

    Laura "Yasso" Kulsik

    152 marathons

    197 ultras

    1,000s of demons

    Leslie Carboni

    Leslie Carboni

    2010 Western States finisher.


    Liv Shackleton

    Granddaughter and future Kung Fu master

    Earned her blackbelt in Kung Fu in July 2014


    Maggie Williams

    "An Inspiration."

    From 0 to 50k in 2 years.

    Marja-Liisa Magnuson

    She's a medical student who also happens to be a kick-butt trail bike rider.

    Dr. Marty Hoffman

    MD, FACSM, CIME Chief of PM&R, VA Northern California Health Care System Professor of Clinical PM&R, University of California - Davis

    Friday, October 21, 2005: Dr Ultra - Ultrarunner Marty Hoffman. Dr. Marty Hoffman is currently a top contender in the 2005 Fuel Belt Ultrarunner.net Series, and has been a regular ultra runner for many years. If Marty is in an ultra, you can expect he will be placing in the top 10, such as his recent finishes in the Tahoe Rim Trail 50 mile/RRCA National Championships (8th), Run On The Sly 50k (1st), or his 1998 2nd overall/1st male at the Kettle Moraine 100-miler. He's a great guy to pace with too – as a teaching physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, he knows all about how the body reacts to the stresses of endurance sports. He's a natural teacher, so he's happy to share tips and communicate in a way that even a half-bonked ultra runner can understand.

    "I had a Monsters experience last week - wow, that's got to be every bit as painful as childbirth. If I could push myself to hurt that bad during a race, I would sure run a lot faster. Yet, it seems like this chronic hamstring problem that has hurt with every stride for over a year is better with just one session - pretty amazing! I certainly appreciate hearing about this guy from you.

    Matt Keys

    Matt Keys

    "Shack, you're a bad man."

    Michael Snead

    Michael Snead

    At play in this picture.

    Mike Hernandz

    Mike Hernandez

    10 time Western States 100 mile finisher and 25 time AR 50 finisher.

    Niavaroni Kickboxing Inc

    The old days.

    Otis Griffin

    Professional Boxer

  • WBO NABO Light Heavyweight Champion
  • Winner of "The Next Great Champ" Series on Fox by Oscar De La Hoya
  • 9-1, 8 KO'S as an Amateur Boxer

    Click Here for his statistics!

    Patty Wright

    Patty Wright

    Thank you Ve Loyce!

    Randy VanDusenRandy and Bodie

    Randy VanDusen

    Officer Randy VanDusen and K-9 officer Bodie crossing the finish line at The Western States

    2 time finisher of Western States

    Way to Cool finisher

    American River 50

    Sami Kader

    Voted best personal trainer in Sacramento 2010 – 24 hour Fitness in Roseville.

    Sandra RossRypwear

    Sandra Ross

    "Couldn't have done it without you."

    Scott Sandow

    "He has Hollywood good looks, yet is so down to earth," so states Jack Armstrong every morning on the famous Armstrong and Getty Radio Show. Scott is their hard-working producer.

    He is a finisher of the "Way Too Cool" 50k and American River 50 mile races.

    Scott is also host of the Ultra Runner Podcast, a show that gives its listeners "access to sport-specific information. The podcast features a variety of qualified experts who discuss nutrition, training, sport psychology, race strategy, injury management, trail gear and many more topics." Ve Loyce has been interviewed on the show too. Click here to check out the podcast!

    Scott Smith

    MMA Showtime Strike Force Fighter

    Click here for more info!

    Seichi Hasumi

    Seichi Hasumi

    Mr. Hasumi wins the prize for traveling the farthest to have a monster-massage,
    as he lives in Japan. Oh, yes, and while he's here, he also competes in the Tevis Cup.

    The photo on the left was taken by Kiyotaka Yaguchi, his personal assistant
    in the United States.

    Shadrack Viwott

    Shadrack Biwott

    2014 Athlete of the year! Link to description here

    2nd place in Grand Rapids Michigan Race 2014

    3rd place in Atlanta 10K run

    National Road Racing Champion

    Took 3rd place in Twin Cities Marathon.

    Silver Bear

    The Silver Bear

    High-speed motorcycle rider

    "What a long strange trip it's been."

    Steve Cheeley

    Steve Cheeley

    "Monsters – Thanks for all you do for the running community. Big thanks for getting me to a sub-24 finish a the States!"

    Steve Fossum

    Multi Time Karate & Kickboxing Champion

  • 9th Degree Master System 5 Combat Karate
  • 9th Degree Professor - Hawaii Martial Arts Association
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
  • 1st Degree Black Belt Shotokan Karate
  • CEO IFS - International Fight Sports
  • Commissioner of the IBL - International Battle League
  • World President of the IKF - International Kickboxing Federation
  • World President of the ISCF - International Sport Combat Federation
  • Click Here for Steve Fossum's Website!

    Theo Wirth

    Finishing the 100 mile long Western States Endurance run is a massive accomplishment in itself. However Theo Wirth impressed us all accomplishing the task at age 41 "AND" finishing in the top 100. The 2005 Western States Endurance Run is part of the Auburn Endurance Events.

    "Every endurance athlete will greatly benefit from the outstanding massage therapy by the "Monsters". I was visiting Veloyce about once/week while training for the Western States 100 Mile Endurance run, and his quite unique massage therapy was one of the major reasons that I stayed injury free during training AND that I was able to finish the race in less than 24 hours." Theo.

    Tim Twiemeyer

    Tim Twietmeyer

    2014 SRA Hall of Fame! Link to description here

    25 time Western States 100 mile Silver buckle finisher.

    5 time winner of the Western States!

    Sponsored by North Face.


    Tom Harper

    Tom Harper

    "Thanks for keeping me going."

    Tony Klink

    Tony Klink

    "Thanks for keeping me moving."

    Driver of the fastest Volkswagon Beetle in the USA

    Tony Laffarty

    Tony Laffarty

    "Monsters Rocks! Got me to the finish!"

    Travis Rose

    Travis Rose

    Winner of Steep Ravine 50

    "For me, every visit to the Monsters is an exorcism. Demons. Be gone!"

    Trish Godtfredsen

    Trish Godtfredsen